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myravan nutrition children

Learn how to prepare nutrient dense meals that kids love to eat and meets their nutritional needs.

adult nutrition

Learn about the science of nutrition and how to balance daily meals for a healthier you.

senior nutrition

Learn about the key nutrients and dietary habits for a healthy and active life.

Allergies and intolerances

Prepare for the growing demand for special diets due to food allergies and intolerances.

Employee health & wellness

Learn how improve productivity and performance at workplace through small dietary changes.

Dietetic cuisine

Learn how to prepare healthy and balanced meals for different medically prescribed conditions.

What participants say about our courses?

Charismatic professor who is able to
communicate her lessons clearly.
Interactive, open for discussions.

Compelling, straight to the point
easy to link subjects and how it affects us.

The teacher is very competent and motivated.
It is a pleasure to attend her class.
She knows very well her subject and
transfers her positive energy to the whole class.

Extremely interesting course.
Information learnt very helpful and applicable to real life.
Teacher is very passionate.

Great teacher, enthusiastic
always full of energy and charismatic.

nutrition myravan EHL

EHL students
Nutrition and hospitality course, Class of 2014

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